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Apr 24,2024

10 Cool New Ways to Network

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Networking is a valuable skill that not everyone possesses. However, the times are changing, and with technology and social media, anyone can become a networking pro.


Networking is a valuable skill that not everyone possesses. However, the times are changing, and with technology and social media, anyone can become a networking pro. Whether for personal or business reasons, these ten innovative networking methods can help even the most introverted colleague bring in valuable leads quickly.


Use LinkedIn to Network Like a Pro


LinkedIn has become the new Instagram, as professionals are increasingly gravitating towards this social media platform to connect with individuals whom they have not yet met in real life. Once a user joins LinkedIn, they tend to remain a part of the community. The platform's unique features allow for easy networking with peers in the same profession. Moreover, users can unlock additional benefits by subscribing to LinkedIn Premium, which offers a host of cool features, including analytics to help track and improve their networking game.


Use Digital Business Cards to Excel in Your Networking Game 


The latest trend in networking is through digital business cards. Whether you're a professional, entrepreneur, or anyone looking to make a lasting impression, NFC business cards are the way to go. Near Field Communication (NFC) allows two devices to connect and exchange information within a fixed proximity limit. By simply tapping the card on any smartphone, you can instantly share details such as your contact information, portfolio, and even make payments through NFC technology. Companies such as Rich Kardz provide dependable and convenient NFC cards that are also environmentally friendly and sustainable.




Despite the incredible advancements in technology and the increasing emphasis on emotional intelligence, a simple smile remains one of the most effective ways to appear approachable and attract people towards you. A pleasant face is a key factor when it comes to meeting new people and building relationships. In fact, a smile and good posture can make all the difference in creating a positive first impression.


Despite the proliferation of modern gadgets and advanced technologies, the simple act of smiling remains at the top of the list when it comes to networking with others. This timeless gesture is a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries and connects us all on a deeper level. So, if you're looking to enhance your networking skills and make a lasting impression, remember the power of a smile. It may just be the coolest tool in your arsenal.


Use Bumble Bizz


Bumble, the popular dating app, has expanded its horizons to become a versatile professional networking tool called Bumble Bizz. With this new feature, users can connect with like-minded professionals in their industry and create new opportunities for growth and collaboration.


Bumble Bizz offers a separate section within the app that functions similarly to the dating app, except users are encouraged to showcase their professional experiences and goals. The platform offers a unique and exciting way to connect with potential employers, industry experts, recruiters, and fellow professionals.


By swiping through the names of professionals in their indicated industries, users can make meaningful connections with others who share their interests and career aspirations. Bumble Bizz provides an innovative way for anyone to network and stay ahead of the social networking game.


Overall, Bumble Bizz is one of the coolest and most effective ways to make new connections and expand your professional network in the new digital age. Whether you are seeking new job opportunities or simply looking to connect with like-minded individuals, Bumble Bizz is a must-try tool for professionals everywhere.


Email Networking 


In today's fast-paced digital world, it's easy to overlook the value of networking through emails. Although email marketing and networking have been around for quite some time, emails remain a timeless tool for connecting with others. Despite the rise of advanced communication technologies, professionals continue to excel in networking through emails, tapping into its unique sense of professionalism and effectiveness.


To succeed in email networking, mastering the art of language framing and formatting is crucial. By perfecting these skills, you can unleash the full potential of email networking and create endless opportunities for yourself and your business. Whether you are connecting with strangers or building relationships with existing contacts, email networking can work wonders in expanding your network.


Networking is an essential aspect of personal and professional growth, and the rise of technology and social media has opened up numerous opportunities to connect with individuals from all walks of life. By utilising some coolest ways such as LinkedIn, Bumble Bizz, and digital business cards, professionals can expand their networks quickly and efficiently.