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Your Business Card, Reinvented for Impactful Networking!

Make sharing information fun and easy with this smart business card which utilises NFC technology. Say goodbye to traditional business paper visiting cards and embrace the future with NFC enabled business cards.

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Find the best digital NFC business card for you:

Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression after using our business cards with NFC. Get your information on it in your favourite design.


in a tap

Sharing information is now easy with our NFC technology business card. Exchange your contact information, website, portfolio, etc with a single tap on a smartphone.



Save your information on your prospect’s mobile and eliminate the risk of discard by changing your paper visiting card into our NFC smart business card.


If you want to make your way through the crowd, then switching to our NFC QR business cards is the best decision you can make for your networking needs.

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Your all contact details of peoples you have networked can be accessible in one place by using our smart business card.


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the go

You can easily update anything in a digital NFC business card just by logging in to your Rich Kardz profile, unlike paper visiting cards which have to be reprinted every time.

How RichKardz Works?


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Frequently asked questions.

Rich Kardz is not just a visiting card; it's an innovative solution that enhances traditional networking. Just Imagine you are at an event and don’t have enough business cards or having your card discarded by a potential client. That would be an embarrassing moment. But with Rich Kardz, these scenarios are a thing of the past.

It's a single card that transfers information with ease using NFC technology, giving you one card for life. By simply tapping your NFC tag business card on a smartphone, all your information seamlessly transfers to the recipient's device, securely stored via the embedded NFC chip.

With out any doubt, Rich Kardz can be an example when it comes to security based information transfer. Utilizing advanced encryption, your card details remain completely safeguarded, ensuring peace of mind for you and your contacts.

Do not worry, we also think the same. We have a QR code printed on every Rich Kardz that is unique for every user. To get your information saved on your clients’, they have to scan the QR code which is printed behind in our every QR code visiting cards.

If they are not able to scan then you can just directly share the link to your profile. With Rich Kardz you can choose the option that best suits you.

There are plenty of things you can share with your business visiting card such as contact details obviously, websites, social media handles, keywords, photos, and many more.

Our custom NFC cards make information transfer easier, provide quick digital exchange, environment friendly, stand out in networking, and enable contactless sharing. Let’s up your networking game with Rich Kardz.

Yes, you can easily share your Rich Kardz profile as a link on WhatsApp. Simply copy the link from your profile and send it across to the people you want to connect with.

Rich Kardz is suitable for anyone from professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, or just anyone who wants a more advanced and efficient way to share their contact information and make a lasting impression.

You can print details that include your name, job title, company name, and contact details such as phone number and email address, typically anything on your personalized business cards. But when you tap a Rich Kardz, you can share further information such as your social media handles, websites, location, and many more.

Yes, Rich Kardz works on both Android and Apple. It works on any phone that has NFC enabled in it. All iPhones after the iPhone 6 are NFC enabled.

Rich Kardz is the safest NFC based classy business cards on the market. We ensures that your card details are encrypted to protect your information from unauthorized access.

Yes, once you have placed the order with us, our design team will work with you closely to design a card that best fits your imagination.

Using Rich Kardz can enhance your professional image and credibility by showcasing your tech-savviness, forward-thinking approach, and attention to detail. It demonstrates that you are up to date with modern technology trends and technology.