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Can I Get A Business Card With A QR Code?

Add a QR code to your business card to educate clients about your brand, goods, and services.

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Your Networking Game with RichKardz's NFC Business Cards

In the fast-paced world of networking, making a lasting impression is key.

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The NFC Business Cards That Pack a Punch

Welcome, savvy networkers and business moguls, to the world of RichKardz! If you're tired of traditional, boring business cards that get lost in the shuffle (or worse, end up in the trash)

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10 Cool New Ways to Network

Networking is a valuable skill that not everyone possesses. However, the times are changing, and with technology and social media, anyone can become a networking pro.

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Are Paper Visiting Cards a Thing of the Past?

Professionals, as well as entrepreneurs, have been using paper visiting cards as a means of networking, and it is still the preferred choice for the majority of people.

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RICH KARDZ Changing the Way Networking is Done

In today's digital age, connecting with others is crucial. Traditional paper business cards come with their share of challenges. 


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Make Your Impression Long Lasting With Our Custom NFC Card

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