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Frequeltly Asked Questions

RICH KARDZ is an NFC-based digital card. With
just a tap, you can share your contact
information using this.

Rich Kardz is really not something complex. It's simple, it's just your visiting card but better. Imagine you are at an event and run out of visiting cards, imagine you give a client your visiting card and they just throw it out, those things do not happen when using a Rich Kardz. It's one card for your life*, you just take your Rich Kardz and tap on a smartphone and that's it. All your information gets transferred to that person's mobile and stays there safe. Rich Kardz does this through the NFC chip embedded in the card.

NFC is something called Near Field Communication. It's a short range wireless technology that allows for information sharing. It's something like your wifi but with a very short wireless range. It enables the exchange of data and information between two compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets and NFC enabled cards with a simple tap. It is easy to use, as it requires minimal setup or configuration. It provides a fast and convenient way to transfer data.

Yes, Yes and Yes. Rich Kardz is the safest NFC Business card in the market. Your card details are completely encrypted with us and will be forever safe.

No, you do not have to. Rich Kardz is a one time investment. You just pay for the card you get and that's it, you do not have to pay a rupee more after that.

See that is the difference between normal paper visiting cards and our cutting edge Rich Kardz, you do not ever need to reprint. Incase in future you want to change your details, you can just login to your portal and change any information you want, anytime, anywhere, that simple. You save money, you save time and most importantly you save all that wasted paper.

Do not worry, we have thought this through. We have a QR code printed on every Rich Kardz that is unique for every user. Your clients can just scan the QR code and get your information saved. If they are not able to scan then you can just directly share the link to your profile. With Rich Kardz you can choose the option that best suits you.

Much much more than what you can share with a Visiting card. You can share your contact details obviously, websites, social media handles, keywords, photos and much much more.

You should get a Rich Kardz because it works so much better than your normal paper visiting cards. It's better, smarter and so much better looking. You can also customize the design of the Rich Kardz to your liking, every card is customizable. Let’s up your networking game with Rich Kardz.

Yes, you can easily share your Rich Kardz profile as a link on Whatsapp. Simply copy the link from your profile and send it across to the people you want to connect with.

To update your profile, you can log in to your Rich Kardz portal using your login credentials. From there, you can easily edit and update any information you want.

Rich Kardz offers several features and benefits, including:

1.Easy and convenient transfer of information through NFC technology or QR code scanning.

2.Share more than just your contact information, include your social media handles, websites and much more.

3.Customizable design options to make your card unique and reflect your personal or professional brand.

4.Secure encryption of your card details, ensuring the safety of your information.

5.No additional fees or payments required after the initial purchase.

6.Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards.

7.Ability to update and change information on your card without the need for reprints.

Yes, you get a 10% discount on your card for a successful referral you make.

The delivery time for Rich Kardz may vary depending on your location. But typically you will get your card within a week from purchase.

Rich Kardz is suitable for anyone from professionals, entrepreneurs business owners, or just anyone who wants a more advanced and efficient way to share their contact information and make a lasting impression.

Yes, the UI on your card can be customized. Once you have purchased your card, you can contact us and our design team will be happy to customize your UI to your liking.

You can print details that include your name, job title, company name, contact details such as phone number and email address, typically anything that you can print on a paper visiting card.. But when you tap a Rich Kardz, you can share further information such as your social media handles, websites, location and many more.

Yes, Rich Kardz works on both Android and Apple. It works on any phone that has NFC enabled in it.

To tap your Rich Kardz, you simply need to hold your Rich Kardz card against the NFC-enabled smartphone of the person you want to share your information with. Make sure the NFC chip on the card comes into contact with the NFC sensor area on their device. This will initiate the data transfer process, and your information will be transferred instantly to their smartphone.

Rich Kardz can make you stand out and leave a lasting impression because they offer a unique and technologically advanced way of sharing your contact information. The convenience and novelty of tapping a card to instantly transfer your details to someone’s phone can make you memorable in networking situations.

Rich Kardz is the safest NFC business card in the market. Rich Kardz ensures that your card details are encrypted, protecting your information from unauthorized access.

- Easy and instant transfer of information with a tap or scan.

- One card is all you need to carry for endless networking.

- Elimination of the need for printing and reordering paper cards.

- Customizable designs and options for personalization.

- Integration with digital platforms and the ability to include additional information

- Enhanced professionalism and a modern image.

No, you clients do not need any app in their phones for you to use Rich Kardz.

The possibility of this happening is almost zero. But if you do find yourself in a situation where your Rich Kardz stops working, you can contact us and we can troubleshoot any issues.

If your Rich Kardz card is lost or stolen, you can immediately contact us to block the card. You can also block the card instantly by logging into your account and blocking the card.

Yes, once you have placed the order with us, our design team will work with you closely to design a card that best fits your imagination.

No, you do not need an app. Once you get a Rich Kardz you can just tap it on your mobile which will open your portfolio in a browser of your choice. From here you can set up your profile and make your Rich Kardz account.

They are pretty much sage for low levels and short periods of water exposure such as rain for example.

One of the reasons for us to start Rich Kardz was to find an eco-friendly alternative to paper visiting cards. So the answer is Yes, Rich Kardz is eco-friendly compared to traditional paper business cards. By eliminating the need for printing and reordering paper cards, Rich Kardz helps reduce paper waste.

Using Rich Kardz can enhance your professional image and credibility by showcasing your tech-savviness, forward thinking approach and attention to detail. It demonstrates that you are up to date with modern technology trends and technology.

With our innovative approach to networking you can get the information of all your prospective clients in one place making it easy for you.

Setting up your Rich Kardz is very easy. Once you get your card, you can just tap your card on your smartphone and set up your portfolio. We’ve also made a video that guides you through the setup process which you can see by tapping here.

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