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How an NFC (Near Field Communication) business could benefit advocates in their professional work

Streamlined Access to Resources:

A business card equipped with modern near field communication (NFC) technology can help advocates to access many vital resources. Our advocate visiting card are made up of high- quality materials and enhance the way of contact sharing.

By using these cards, you can easily share contact information, documents, videos, or websites with stakeholders by just tapping it on the smartphones.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities:

A versatile way of building relationships with several professionals and organizations is “Networking.” This helps advocates to transfer data with ease to elevate professional connections.

Choosing our advocate visiting card can provide instant engagement and allow you to one tap shar of contact information, social media profiles, or portfolios within your community.

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How Does Our NFC Digital Smart Business Card Work?


Create Your Digital Card

Sign up for Rich Kardz and let your creativity flow. Customize your NFC smart business card with your branding, personal details, and even multimedia elements to make a lasting impression.

Share with a Tap

Share your card with a simple tap, scan, or click. No matter where you are, connecting with potential clients and Advocacy has never been simpler.

Track Your Success

Track the engagement with your smart business card NFC technology through our intuitive analytics dashboard. Know who’s interested in you and strategize accordingly.

Why Advocates go for digital Visiting cards


An advocate needs a secure and efficient way for data collection and NFC technology can solve this problem easily. If you are choosing an advocate visiting card for this process, then it will be a great choice. These digital cards have built-in NFC technology which ensure safe storage for contact information and minimize the risk of loss or unauthorized access.

Engaging the public through educational campaigns is a cornerstone of advocacy work. NFC technology can transform traditional campaigns into interactive experiences. By integrating NFC tags into posters, flyers, or interactive displays, advocates can offer multimedia content, such as videos, podcasts, or quizzes. This interactive approach captivates audiences, making educational campaigns more impactful and memorable, thereby amplifying the advocacy message.

Budget constraints and sustainability are significant considerations for advocates. NFC technology offers cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. By digitizing printed materials through NFC-enabled tags or stickers, advocates can reduce printing costs and minimize paper waste. This environmentally conscious approach not only saves money but also aligns with the advocacy for sustainability, demonstrating a commitment to responsible practices.


The One Smart Business Card is All You Need

Don’t get ensnared in obscurity - become an innovator and stay ahead of the times. Embark on the movement with stunningly designed business cards with NFC technology, and never again worry about making a dull first impression. Join us now and elevate your networking opportunities!

Embracing NFC technology can empower advocates to be more efficient, innovative, and impactful in their professional endeavours.Connect Better, Grow Faster!

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Get Your Advocate Visiting Card From Rich Kardz

Want to upgrade how you share contact information? Rich Kardz’s NFC-based advocate visiting card came forward in this case. These cards are equipped with the latest near field communication (NFC) technology that provide you opportunity for a secure contact sharing. Make your impression between your clients, partners, and stakeholders. Get your smart digital visiting card at an affordable price.

Innovative NFC Visiting Cards for Advocates

A visiting card is an essential item for advocates to showcase their advocating services. Now you will feel confused which card is perfect for you a paper cards or a card with NFC technology, that’s why we explain some points why should you opt these NFC visiting cards:

Step Your Foot Into The Digital World

Our NFC cards provide you the easiest way to share contact information, websites, portfolio, and many more. These cards work through a straightforward process. Using NFC technology, these cards allow for seamless sharing of contact information between devices with just a tap.

You have to tap your NFC advocate visiting card to a near compatible device for activating the sharing process.

The receiver will get your information in its device such as name, phone number, email address, and job title.

These cards don't need any specific apps to run just like other digital contact sharing methods. Nowadays, smartphones have come up with built-in NFC functionality.

Once tapped, the recipient's device instantly recognizes the NFC visiting card and prompts the user to save the contact information.

NFC visiting cards streamline the process of exchanging contact information, eliminating the need for manual entry.

NFC visiting cards are accessible to anyone with an NFC-enabled device, making them a convenient option for networking events, conferences, or everyday business encounters.

Smart NFC Visiting Cards for Smart People

Purchasing a NFC advocate visiting card can bring several benefits at your doorsteps. These cards are equipped with the latest NFC technology and come with sophisticated design to catch every attention. With the help of these cards. Advocates can update their engagements to and also make sure that communication and data exchange goes effortlessly.

If you have any inquiry regarding our advocate visiting card, you can contact us or send us an email. Our team expert will assist you with all your questions and give answers in an effective manner.